Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 20, at sea

Another day, another dollar, another dollar another day!  You can tell that this is a very old saying...maybe the person quoting it is old...oops, that would be me!  boo hiss!

A friend of ours was always saying this quote" oh what a day I've had today"
Why did I say this?  Because I am rambling.  Too many high tech things for me to be learning at one time and I guess the same goes for Vicki!

So let's get started for the day.  We started the day by eating most of our calories at breakfast.  We had our pumpkin loaf but if you look carefully at the drink you will notice the green tea now has soy milk in it......but it is actually a Chi soy latte.  Yes it is very good although not as good as with egg nog in it!  lol!                                                
                                        I think I will have all of my calories for the day, RIGHT NOW!                                                          

We stayed at Starbucks for awhile, talking and playing on our tech toys.  Time to go to Kmart and see what we can find!  I really do not know how they are staying in business!

                                    I guess we know how they stay in business....gooo Vicki!

Now we will go to the AT&T  store and see about getting me a keyboard for my mini.
I saw a really nice one there.  When we got to the store we found that they had a case exactly like the one Josh has.  I said " I'll take it!"  Of course, i had them set it up so I could be sure that it would still talk to me....and it does!

It was not as easy as they say......notice there are two of them working on it!Boy was I glad I had them set it up.  I said " thank you, thank you, thank you!

                                          Yea yea yea!  Now I am tech savvy!  Right?  lol!

I will continue to play on my new computer until we find out what Davin's plans  are for this evening.  We may not see him until tomorrow!  Tomorrow is the birthday!

WHERE WE DID NOT GO TODAY....but the AMSTERDAM did!  At sea!
Narrative from Postcards from Paradise, Blog! and Jeff's World Adventures blog

During his PM talk, Captain Mercer had a sad announcement. The folks from Pitcairn Island will not be joining us tomorrow as planned. It appears that during a visit from another cruise ship two weeks ago, over one third of the 57 islanders contracted the H2N3 flu virus. Since it is highly contagious, the Captain along with the HAL corporate officers, decided to cancel their visit. So there will be no special souveniers and lectures. However, we will be stopping to drop off some supplies for the islanders, and probably circle the small island during a 10am informative talk given by Barbara H, our port lecturer. Well, at least we'll get to see it, compared to last year where we sailed past it in the dark of the night. We were late in getting to Pago Pago, because we had to spend an extra day in Punta Arenas to avoid a storm. So the Pitcairn visit was cancelled. Things happen on cruises, and you have to roll with it. 

The disappointment ended when we found out they were serving the 22 ounce ribeye steaks in the dining room tonight. Doesn't take much to make us happy. A double plus.......carrot cake.





Well, this morning we paid a call at Pitcairn Island to deliver supplies to the islanders and to do a scenic cruise of Pitcairn Island of HMS Bounty fame…..   It was here in 1790 that mutineers from the HMS Bounty settled on Pitcairn Island and set fire to the HMS Bounty and sunk her in Bounty 


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