Friday, January 18, 2013

Our 115day World Cruise, day14, at sea!

Rise and shine! It is time to get on the road and head for San Diego...

First we will go and have breakfast with Judy and Olias.  We are going to a little Mexican cafe and I am looking forward to it.  Yum yum!

                          "We know the owners and they take good care of us "  say Judy and Olias  

                                                      The sisters Sandi and Judy

                                                  Here we are ready for breakfast!

                                         This is a lot of food! Vicki and  I only ate half of it!                                                               

On our way to San Diego we saw a lot of wind mills..  I would have liked to stop and take pictures but...we were driving tooo fast!  lol!


We are done for the day....arrived in San Diego in the early afternoon....stopped at COSTCO  and then we were off to the condo!                                                                              

                                                   Tomorrow is another sea day!


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