Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 23, Tahiti

The sun is trying to come out so maybe in the next couple of days we will be able to do something interesting!
This is the view from our small balcony in the condo.  It is still overcast and rainy.  I t looks like the sun is trying to come out!  On the left side of the palm tree, if it is a clear day and if you stand on your tip toes and lean to the left you can see about 1 inch of the bay on the horizon.  So they tell me!  lol!  It sounds like a lot of work to me.  It makes my calves hurt to do this while I am drinking my Margarita!  lol!

The kids have gone back to Kansas City and back to work tomorrow!  Guess they had a good time!

Much to my surprise I received an email from the following person:
                          cochin Tour, South India

Tfhe reason for his email was to see if I wanted to book a tour while I am in India.  I just love the way people are really getting into my "at home world cruise"  LOL!  I am schocked!

This has been a lazy day.  Jerry came down for drinks and then we walked to dinner.
There are a lot of restaurants  in our neighborhood.  We chose Jimmy Carter's which is a Mexican restaurant.  It was 55 degrees on the way over there.  This is cold, especially when you have the wind blowing over our 1 inch of bay! lol!
                                                         It is freezing out there!                                                                                

We have been to Tahiti and I was going to post some pictures but they are in Arizona which does not help me.

 (as a group) were first explored by Captains Cook and Bligh, but they were made truly famous by the paintings of the artist, Paul Gauguin, and by the words of author, James A. Michener. 

 Tahiti is a rich green, mountainous island (volcanic in origin), with some rugged peaks exceeding 2,000 meters in height. 

 Over 60% of all residents of French Polynesia live on the island, in and around the capital city of Papeete. 

 Moorea, with a very similar landscape, is commonly reached by ferry from Tahiti. The author, James A. Michener described Moorea by saying, "It's a monument to the prodical beauty of nature.

 For additional info about the islands of French Polynesia, and their most interesting history, go here.

                                       Tahitian Mama weaving baskets

                                                                  King's Tomb


This is a wonderful place.  You can relax and enjoy!  The city is very busy.  Vicki and I sat in a McDonalds and watched all the people go by on their mopeds!  I loved it!
These photos are from Jeff's, World Adventures blog!



                                                          See you tomorrow in Moorea!!


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