Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our115 day World Cruise, day19, at sea

For us, this was a perfect sea day.  Here in San Diego it was overcast with dropping temperatures and the possibility of rain for this weekend.  This is really too bad as Amy and Davin arrive tomorrow for the weekend!  Hope they will have fun anyway!

Today we went to guess where?  I am not going to tell you because I know you know and I know you know what we had to eat.    Well, we got carried away!  First we had the steel cut oatmeal followed by the pumpkin loaf.....did we really do that?  Yes because we needed our energy for what lies ahead.

We went to Best Buy and returned the keyboard.....then we went to Macy's and returned my purse with the red dot on it....and then we went to the Apple Store


Well, guess what we are going to do....and don't try to stop us!  One for Vicki and one for me!

It was quite fun to pick out the new computers and then 2 really nice ladies helped us set up the computers so that when we got home we were ready to roll.  And we rolled all afternoon trying to get everything set up!  By dinner time I was finally ready to look at the blog. Look was all I did.  It was good we ate lunch out!

                                Of course I had a McRib!  After all they only have them in January!
                              Where we did not go today.......but the Amsterdam did! sea!
                                                                        ell, this morning we paid a call at Pitcairn Island to deliver supplies to the islanders and to do a scenic cruise of Pitcairn Island of HMS Bounty fame…..   It was here in 1790 that mutineers from the HMS Bounty settled on Pitcairn Island and set fire to the HMS Bounty and sunk her in Bounty Bay……  The morning was bright and very sunny as we approached the island.  The first thing of note were all the flying fish….  I included a photo of one as it sailed away.  We stopped in Bounty Bay and dropped off supplies that had been ordered by the islanders, not allowing anyone aboard because of the previously mentioned flu epidemic….  The sail around the island was delightful….    At the end of our circumnavigation we came across the Picton Castle sailing out of Nova Scotia…. Lovely ship!  Great day!!!!  Two more sea days to Tahiti…..

                                         ANOTHER SEA DAY TOMORROW                                                

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