Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 6, at sea!

Today we need to look at the dates for this cruise.  I am out of sync with the actual cruise so we need to fix it!  This is an actual 115 day cruise and here is how it goes....

Day 1...board ship
Day 2 and 3 sea
Day 4...Cartagena Columbia
Day 5 ...Panama Canal
Day 6...AT SEA

So s you can see we have ..have not...or wish to be ...well, we have not missed any of our ports!
I needed to get on the same schedule of the itinerary or I was going to get confused which in turn would confuse all of you...not that you are not already confused! lol!

Asea day normally means we hang around the ship, eating, drinking diet cokes and taking naps!  As you can see our busy schedule does not allow for much activity.  It is very cold here today and the water is quite rough!  No, we will not be lounging by the pool although I do see a few people in the hot tub!  They are of course are  crazy and must be from Sweden! lol!

We ate in the buffet and I forgot to take a picture of our chili.  It was a bit too hot and was not up to par.  The entertainment for the evening included, Chicago Fire, SVU and Gray's Anatomy!  It was interesting but I had a problem staying awake.  Vicki did just fine....she sat rocking in her chair, covered up with her quilt as I nodded off!  I am going to go and take a Dramamine and go to bed! hmmm something is not right about this picture!

See you in Ecuador!


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