Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise,day 18, at sea

Since we are suppose to be at sea today, we decided to stroll to the Starbucks that we use to go to everyday for about 4 years.

As we left the condo I took a picture of the condo buildging, which does not do it justice.

                                         the condo is called"Le Park Chateau" and it has a blue roof!

As we walked along we passed the place where Vicki and I worked. It was called the Alzheimer's Family Center.  We both worked there in 1990 and that is how we met!

                                Vicki retired from there in 1997 and has lived happily ever after!

   I only worked at the Center for 1 year.  I returned to Kansas and then returned to San Diego 2 years later. I guess this means we have known each other for almost 23 years!  What is amazing is that we still like each other and enjoy all the things we do!   

Onward we went, sailing right into Starbucks.  We did not see anyone that we knew but enjoyed talking, for a few minutes, to a really nice young lady.  She told us she is writing a book and changing careers.  This Starbucks is tiny just like the one in Sun City West.  Of course, we had one of our favorite breakfasts!

                                                      Yes, this is a high calorie breakfast!  Soooo?

After we arrived home we found out that the keyboard I bought yesterday does nor work on my mini iPad and I will have to return it and the purse I bought is silver and I don't like the big red logo on it....so it is going back too...Vicki is not happy with one of her purses and at this point only God knows if we are keeping the shoes! lol!
My son, his wife and 2 of their friends arrive here on Thursday morning and will be going back to Kansas City on Sunday morning.  The four of them are staying in a studio in the Gas Lamp District.  It is a big party area!

Now, I do believe, it is time for lunch and a little T.V.!  We will be walking to dinner tonight, with Jerry!  He will come down early for cocktails and then off we will go!

Today was a lazy day.  The seas were calm and talked me into taking a little snooze!

 TOMORROW IS ANOTHER SEA DAY!  We will have fun because we are in San Diego!                                                                                                                                                                   

It looks like a fun time is being had by all  Wish we were there having fun with them!




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