Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, Day 26

This morning they are putting in the closet.  They are late!  We really need to be on the road by 1300 as we lose 1 hour on our way back! I'll be seeing my puppies and I will do a better job of taking pictures!

                                         Getting started......10:00 and counting!

The closet turned out really well.  I took a picture but it did not turn out!  We left the house and went to have a bagel and egg sandwich for lunch.

       We really enjoy going to Einsteins for brunch.  We should do it more often!
      Off we go to see my sister Judy and my BIL Olias.                                                                          
                                This is my little Peanut!  He is so cute and so much fun to watch!                                                                    

All the dogs love to sit on Olias.....and they don't want to get off.....
Judy  is making us a Mexican dinner...tacos and tostadas!  I love the cute decoration on the counter!
We had a wonderful dinner and nice conversation.  It is getting late so we are off the hotel and home tomorrow.

Where we did not go today ...... but the AMSTERDAM did!  At sea!

                                                           Tomorrow At sea!



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