Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 4, Cartagena Columbia!

Yes , it is true...we are going to be on a cruise for the next 115 days!    We are following 4 blogs from 4 different cruise lines so we decided to go on our own world cruise!  It will not be as exciting  but we will add dimension to our blog by living vicariously  thru their blogs!  At the end of each days blog you will find an update stating where the Holland America Amsterdam is on that day!  There will be a short description of the port along with actual photos from the cruise!So join us as we cruise through life wishing we were really on this cruise!  This is going to be fun....Thank You for joining us!

This cruise will be round trip from Phoenix to Phoenix and we will be cruising on the Toyota Avalon.
Of course we will be staying in a master suite and the accommodations will be perfect!

Day 1 board ship
 Day 2 and 3 at sea!
Day 4

Spent the day doing last minutes things and getting settled in our suiteWe watched the entertainment this evening consisting of NCIS, NCIS LA AND Private Practice.  It was wonderful and lived up to our expectations.  We are tired now so we will go to bed  as we have many tours to take tomorrow and never fear we will be taking you all with us.  I can not give you an itinerary as it is in the making.  I do think I will have our steward bring me a glass of water so I can take my pills!

What we did not do today......but the Amsterdam did!
Cartagena Columbia
We did not see Cartagena Columbia nor did we play with the parrots or the monkeys!  This is a great city except for the armed guards outside the jewelry store!!


Columbian Flag

See you in the Panama Canal!

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