Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 2, A daily blog and a virtual cruise through the Panama Canal

Here we are and it is May!  Only 10 days until we go to New Orleans!  Yea...I am excited!

Today we went to Paradise Bakery for coffee.  Everyone was there.  I wish we could get through 1 coffee without the subject of dieting and the lack of whatever it takes to be thin, comes up!  Of course the conversation is academic and being broached by a man who does not have a weight problem.  Sandi, Vicki and I feel defensive  and it is not a good way to start the day!  Even Sandi's husband has had a weight problem...I know what the answer is...Sandi, not me, is just going to have to confront him!  lol!  I really am feeling beat up about it...if it is so easy...why are there so many fat people!  I beat myself up enough....I don't need other people doing it to me!

Can't believe that this restaurant does not open for 10 minutes!  The wind has been blowing like crazy this morning and since 2 of us have had Valley we eat inside!
Vicki looks great .....can't believe I am looking so old....and what is with the hair anyway?  lol!
Rita always takes good pictures and she never looks her age even in real life or in pictures!
She looks like a sweet angel....and oh how she loves those Mercury's!

                   Okay, Vicki looks like and angel too!  Let me think about this one!  lol!
I have no comment for this one...all I know is that she is strange and is always up to something!  lol!

                          Vicki, Rita and Mary had a great lunch and it is beautiful day  too boot!

I thought we were all putting our arms on the sign...guess I am the only one who went to Catholic school!  lol!

We have not see Rita and Mary for a long time and it was really good to play catch up with them.  These two really do live life to the fullest.  They have a vast array of interests and millions of friends!  Yes, I said millions!  lol!  We are hoping that we can get together more often....did I say she is going to be on a TV show for Grand, Surprise.  It will be all about technology and will help people with all their problems!  She is amazing...and they have 3 cats...just look at this!  lol!

                                                      These girls sure do love their cats

The Amsterdam is at sea today and is on the way to Aruba!

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