Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9, A daily blog and a virtual cruise, Coninto Nicaragua

Today was not much different from any other dentist and then a stop to see Rosine.  We did not encounter any stories or incidents that need to be reported!  lol!

I hope you will enjoy these pictures which were taken in 2009!  Hard to believe that we don't look any older.  We left on this trip on Inauguration Day 2009, actually Obama has aged more than we have!  lol!

I would have to say that this is one of my most favorite cruises.  It was a wonderful education and helped me to be able to see how very lucky we are to live in America.  The poverty is overwhelming but the people of these countries are amazing.                                         
Coninto Nicaragua!

Now this is one of my favorite fun...wish I had been thinner!

                     I love this picture too!  It is so festive!

                    caught me.....I am looking for another cruise!

                   That blond hair had to, I had a color and a cut.....I look better now!

Church on Sunday and a Fiesta!

My friend David!  David held my hand and helped me walk around the mud pots!

This is the house where David lives!

Everyone is heading toward the bubbling mud pots!

It is hot out here and Juan is taking off his shirt!

For me, this picture is priceless!

Here are some of the bubbling pots...the smell of sulphur is really bad and in fact turned my arm green where I was wearing a silver bracelet!

Tomorrow the Amsterdam will be at sea!

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