Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30, Who says we are not ready for summer?

I don't think I am in a very good space!  Things and people are getting on my nerves.  This reminds me of a story....
When Davin was about 4 years old, this is what was Sunday morning and we were in our Sunday school class...All the kids, ages 4 to 12 were sitting in a circle and we were ready to start the class.  Davin raised his hand and said..."my muver, her has not been feeling very good, her has been lelling at me, her has been pulling my hair and her has been getting on my nerves!" lol!  At the point the 12 year old says"my brothers are getting on my nerves too...I was babysitting last night and my brothers were roller skating on the pool table" lol!  At which time I said..."his is not a group therapy session, this is a Sunday school class!  lo

So, this is about where I am today...I felling like lelling and pulling someones hair and they are all getting on my nerves!  Needless to say, I did not enjoy our coffee session today.  There were 6 of us and that was probably 4 too many!  lol!

At 12::15 today I have an echo cardiogram and then we rush to pick up Rosine at 1:45 to take her to her chiropractor appointment.  We will be lucky to be home by 4:00 this afternoon!
The temperatures are raising starting today and we are headed for the 109's and up.  This is a factor that will not help my mental condition!

Vicki had another really bad night again last night.  Now she is going to tytrate off the nerve medication and start all over again!  It appears to be an allergic reaction that is causing the problems...she sees the neurologist next Thursday!

                     I really wonder why we feel so hot?  103 mean36...right/f  lol!


Lou came over and painted the two bedrooms. He did a really good job. My room is blue and Vicki's is green. We had a nice Easter dinner with Lou and Bobby.

DEAR DAD ..... I just had my bedroom painted. It is a bright green. I wanted it to be CELERY and i think it is MINT. I don't know for sure but i am going to go to the grocery store and match it to the celery. ..... I checked and it is definitely  not celery I do think it is MINT.. It is a beautiful color but it does not match any thing I have ever seen. I can't get it right. Will paint it yellow next week! DON'T TELL MOM!  lol!

went and picked out the flooring for the front bathroom. it is a new pattern and it is beautiful. they will take up the old flooring on wednesday and lay the new on Friday. it will be beautiful. the curtains in the Master bedroom will be installed on Thursday morning and finally the sun will not make it's wake up call at 5:00A.M.

DEAR DAD... Lou just finished painting the bedroom and it is yellow, I think it might be the color of lemons, which part of the lemon I am not sure but will know for sure after i go to the grocery store an check it out. It could be the color of butter, buttercups or even Goldilocks. will let you know ! DON'T TELL MOM! lol!

Went to Sears today and picked out a small freezer. we will put it in Vicki's large walk in closet. It will be great to have a small place to store soups and other things we make up.

DEAR DAD.....I just can't seem to get it right! Went to Sears today and ordered a very small freezer to put in my walk in closet. The freezer is only 5 cubic ft. Now i have discovered that I can't get it into the closet! Aren't doors suppose to be more than 23 inches wide? Did midgets live here? How can this be happening to me? DON'T TELL  MOM!  lol!
Today was the day to end all days. They came to remove the old flooring in the bathroom!

DEAR DAD...Today a man came to the door and he scared me! He was wearing a mask, boots and was covered from head to toe with a white suit. he put a tent over the bathroom door and it had a funny sign on it. He had a big orange vaccumn cleaner that did not look at all friendly. I was scared!!! Johnny Angel came to the house and tried to make me feel better. He fed me chocolate cake, popcorn and 3 sips of a margarita. I felt better. This should all be over soon. I think I will stay here, I really like the chocolate cake! DON'T TELL  MOM about the man!! 
I am sure that the events of DEAR DAD are not quite finished and we will keep you posted. 
love yas, 
Be careful out there! 

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