Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, Another Dear Dad!

Today is Tuesday, but in my mind it will be Monday all day today!  Sandi called this morning and we are going to pick her up at 9:15 and take her to coffee.  Irwin had an appointment to go to and he will meet us at coffee.  Both Irwin and Sandi were feeling good and we had some good laughs.  I am not sure that I was feeling all that great today!  lol!  Who cares? lol!

Going to see the new heart doctor at noon today!  He is my lung doctor's heart doctor and I like him better than the one I have!  This doctor is from Denmark and is the best one I have been too.  He is doing 2 tests in the next 2 weeks and we should have a good idea if my episodes are mental or physical!  lol!

Vicki went to her mother's today ....by herself.  This was good as she is unhappy if Vicki and I should, God forbid, talk to each other while we are there!  lol!  Mama Mia, is a tough old bird! lol!

                                       Karen brought the final papers by....little does she know!  lol!


today was the event  that  tops all events.
We decided to go ahead and redo the front bathroom.  we talked to the maintenance manager and ask him if he could recommend a painter.  the guy went there yesterday and gave us a bid.  after talking with Jerry last night we all decided it would be a good idea to repaint the living room and the halls and remove the popcorn ceilings.  we then called Isamael that would like to get a new estimate with the time line of having the project done by Wednesday night.  Ismael said that his uncle would be providing the service and he would meet with us at 130 today.  At 130 Ismael arrived with his uncle and one of his workers.  Can you imagine the looks on our faces when Isamel wheeled his uncle in sitting in a wheel chair?

DEAR DAD....don't come visit me... i just hired a man in a wheel chair to scrape popcorn off of my ceilings!  don't tell Mom! lol!

well, Isamel has worked there for 10 years so we think that it must be okay!!  right?  i do admit that i had to remind myself that i can't see and that i should not think that he can't do the job.  I think he must have a scraper with a really long handle!  lol!


DEAR DAD...leaving in the morning for Las Vegas to win money for the paint job. Don't tell Mom! lol!

"be careful out there" 


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