Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10, A daily blog and virtual cruise! At sea today!

Well, today I have nothing to report.  We slept in,,,went to coffee by ourselves....went to Walmart and went to see Rosine.  I did not take a single picture.

Started packing for our trip, which is coming up on Monday!  It does not seem real...but I think that it is!  I am looking forward to it!

My sister Judy and her husband Olias are spending the summer in northern California where they  are managing a camp ground.  They have their site fixed really nice!  You guys have done a really nice job!  Very very pretty!



Postcards from Paradise!

Corinto, Nicaragua May 9, 2013 Thursday

Local tourist information declares that Nicaragua is the safest country in the whole region. The info also boasts a country of active volcanoes, hundreds of small inlets and islands, lakes, and rivers that wind through rainforests. Waterfalls, deep canyons, white and golden beaches, colonial cities, and fishing villages can be seen here too. Did we see any of these today? Well, actually no, since we did not take an organized tour. Been there, done that once.

The golden sun of Nicaragua will caress your skin, also promised in the brochure. But it was more like the heat and humidity will lay you flat in no time. Added to the heat, was a strange haze of smoke that has always been present when we have visited in the past. Perhaps this time of year, the cotton fields are burned. Coffee is the major export, transported from the mountains to be shipped from here. But we doubt the smell of smoke is due to roasting coffee beans.

All of the tours took the passengers to outlying towns as well as to the colonial city of Leon. Since the ride is long, maybe 2 hours one way, we chose to stay here and walk the town. That took all of 1 1/2 hours to slowly stroll to the center of town, checking out the souvenier stalls, grocery and pharmacy stores, cafes and bars. The center of town has a church and a hall. As we exited through the port gate, another passenger who was returning to the ship said that there were pickpockets there and be careful. That surprised us because every corner had a policeman, and there was even a group of volunteer enforcers of the law wandering through the streets. Fellows offered bike taxi rides at $5. per person for a tour of the town. It would have been nice if the ship's folks had given us a map of this town, instead of Leon, two hours away.

Beers were $2, while sodas and bottles of water were $1. The price on the ship was better, so that is where we ended going....back to the ship. The coolest spot on the ship was our room, so we watched an old movie, "Tom Horn" with Steve McQueen, and ordered room service lunch. It's a funny thing, but every time we have had room service, something is missing, like salt and pepper or mustard and catsup. This time one of us ordered a chicken caesar salad, which was good, but missing the dressing that makes it a caesar. No mustard and catsup for the cheeseburgers, but two little cups of mayo. This is one reason we often go to the grill or the sandwich bar, then bring the food back to our room. We seldom forget anything.

Sailaway was around 6pm at the aft deck, but few folks were there. When the dinner service starts at 5:30pm in the Lido, most people choose to do that instead of the sailaway. The Lido has been filled for dinner every port evening, especially in this heat and humidity. Lots of people do not want to clean up and change their clothes.

While we are thinking about it, there has been happy hour on this cruise, but not the same hours as the world cruise. The early seating group can buy one and get the second for $1. from 4 to 5pm in the Ocean Bar and Crows Nest. Then from 9 to 10pm, the same deal is offered in the Piano Bar and Crows Nest. This pretty much eliminates the folks that have fixed seating at happy hour before dinner.

The dinner service was super tonight as far as getting timely courses goes. We both ordered the delicious dos frioles soup, then our entrees. With dessert, our meal was completed by 9:15pm. Perfect, we think. This has to be a sign that things are coming together better in the kitchen department. No one will divulge how many fellows have been ill.

A comedian and juggler, Billy Prudhomme, was the entertainer tonight, with a game show called "Who Am I?" held at 9pm.

A day at sea will be most welcome tomorrow.

Mary Ann & Bill

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