Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 8, A daily blog and virtual cruise,Puntarenas, Costa Rica !

Yesterday was one busy day!  We decided to go on strike today.  We went to Curves and then to coffee.  After coffee we took Sandi and went to Sprouts to get some things that we needed.  After we finished getting our fig bars, our Morning Rounds, a couple of baking potatoes and a couple of sweet Potatoes and we were off to Quick Trip.  At this point in time we decided since things were so hectic yesterday, we decided to go pick up Rosine's meds and take them to her and then call it a day!  Rosine was grouchy and said she was sore from her treatment.  See what happens when you discuss Obama Care while the doctor is working on you!  lol!  Yes, we do discuss politics....our coffee group is especially vocal!

Today, I got out our new suitcases and took a look at them.  Vicki's is royal blue and mine is red!  Hopefully we can get away with 1 a piece and a carry on!4 days and counting!

We had an incident this morning.  It was not until we got to Curves that we realized that we were both dressed in peach tops with kaki pants!  You would be surprised to know how many times we do this.  The funny part is that I am a spring/fall and Vicki is a summer/ winter!  Now here we are at home, on our computers and as happy as a clam!

This picture did not turn out well as it was taken into the light!

Costa Rica!
Vicki and I have been to two different ports in Costa Rica.  We absolutely loved this one!
This port is one of my favorite.  It is so peaceful and the people are so friendly!
The water is beautiful!
We had fun buying a lot of gifts from this family!
This is the mother, the daughter and her husband....we had fun buying from them!

Tomorrow the Amsterdam will be in Coninto  Nicaragua!

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