Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3, A daily blog and virtual cruise through the Panama Canal!

Today the wind sstopped blowing and it looks like the temperature is going down a little bit.  Even though it has been close to 100 the last few days, it has been quite nice.

Today we went to Starbucks and had coffee with Sandi and Irwin.  We all concentrated on updating our calendars and our vacation time!  It just so happens that they will overlap with us when we go to Las Vegas so we will be able to have dinner together 1  night.  In September when we go to San Diego for Jerry's birthday we will also overlap with them and they will come over and see our condo and we will have dinner.  Sounds like fun and we all were excited just talking about being somewhere else!  lol!  And then there is my daughter Tami ad my son todd and his wife Melinda the 3 of them, whose paths will not connect with any of us.  like we could keep up with them!  lol!  Did I say Tami will be in  Colorado next week and in Michigan and Kansas in June .  No one knows where Todd and Melinda will be!....probably here when we are not!  lol!

Now we are going to get down to business and introduce you to a few members of Vicki's family!
At this  point in time, these are the key players from Vicki's Family...More to come later...I am sure!

This is Rosine, Vicki's mother, Rosine, at her 90th Birthday !

This is Vicki, her brother Bob, her father, Lolly, who has passed away and Nancy, Bob's wife and she is our sista!
This is without a doubt...the most important person in the family...yes, it is true....this is Pasquale and he is human...just ask Bob and Nancy!

This is Shelley and Vicki , last month when Shelley came to visiT Rosine right before her birthday.  Shelley sent out the troops to take Rosine to the chiropractor!  So far it seems to be working for Rosine!

This is Shelley's husband Ben.  Ben is a chiropractor and Ben and I share the same birthday...Yes I know if I had been 15 when I had him, he could be my son!  lol!

Of course most of you have met Tessa, Vicki's niece....she does have 3 brothers....but we won't go there today...we will save the rest of the story for later! 

Today the Amsterdam is at sea....tomorrow, Aruba!

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