Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 22, Our first day home!

Here we are back at our everyday routine.  Had coffee with Sandi and Irwin this morning and I forgot to take a picture!  So, what else is new?  But here is a airman from the base came into Starbucks and I jumped up to buy him coffee as a gesture of thanks for his service for his country....they always insist that I don't have to do it and I always insist that I do....guess who wins?  lol!

We did our run to Costco and now we are at home.  Yes, we did stop at QT and it is wonderful!  Now we are at home playing on our computers, we will have inch and then pick up Rosine at 2:00 and take her to her therapy appointment.  At 6:30 we will meet the family to celebrate Aaron's Birthday....he is 21.

Vicki's mom was grouchy at us!  This is her usual behavior after we have been out of town.  Then she was not happy with her appointment as they hurt her getting her out of the chair.  We brought her a mask and beads for her Halloween costume.  Vicki modeled it for her...note the size of those beads!  lol!

                                           Isn't she cute....modeling Rosines Halloween costume!

Tonight Joshua was not able to come to the birthday dinner and we missed him!  It is always so much fun when everyone is there!

                  Mark.....    Everything looks so good.....I think this is going to be my new favorite place!
              I am having the French Dip with sweet potato chips...I don't care what any of you say!  lol!

                                           Aaron, Tami and Sandi are in a pile up!

                                   HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, AARON!  Have fun in Wichita!

Since it is the time for tornadoes, hurricanes, and haboobs I thought I would show you pictures of what they look like.  It is in a way like a tornado.  We are just starting into the season.  Phoenix is the only place in the United States that has them!

Haboobs  2012
More familiar to the desert of Saharan Africa, the first massive dust cloud of the year has engulfed the city of Phoenix cutting off power to 9,000 homes and closing the international airport for 20 minutes.
Known as a haboob, which is Arabic for 'strong wind', the storm's yellowy grey dust cloud was traveling at 35 mph, was around 2,000 feet tall and almost 100km wide.
Caused by Arizona's monsoon season which begins in early June and runs through till the end of September, haboob's only occur in Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Phoenix, Arizona.
Scroll Down for Video
The 2,000 foot tall haboob cloud covers the city of Phoenix, Arizona cutting power to 9,000 homes
The 2,000 foot tall haboob cloud covers the city of Phoenix, Arizona cutting power to 9,000 homes
Known as the granddaddy of dust storms, the haboob is a rare event and is caused by loose dust being blown upwards in the absence of rain and collecting skywards where it is then propelled by another more distant thunderstorm brewing behind it.

So, this is what a Haboob lookslike and we are very thankful that they usually happen southeast of us and while we do get some dust it is nothing like what is in these pictures!

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