Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 25, Holiday weekend!

It is Memorial Day weekend .....are we going on a picnic, to an amusement park,  to the lake, to the beach, to a barbecue,to a ball game or a pool party? No, no, no, no,no and no!  We are spending the weekend at home and grilling hot dogs on the Forman Grill and we like it like that!  .  Today we are going to a movie with Irwin and Sandi and then to dinner.  It will be a nice evening and then we will be left to our own devices.

   I am going to start putting the "Dear Dad"letters on the blog for you to read!.  I think there 9 of I hope you will enjoy them.  The stories are true and are written  when we bought a condo in San Diego....would I say the stories are written to entertain...yes, but they are true!

Dear Dad 1

February 24, 2003
Two weeks ago yesterday Vicki put the offer on the condo in Hillcrest and yesterday they gave us the keys.

  We went down  to the condo  and spent about an hour at the condo trying to let it all sink in!  We are really going to live in Hillcrest!  

we were hysterical by last night.  felt very intimidated by all the security.  Vicki's dad hopes she will live there for a long time and not be going through all this again in the near future.  this is how the following fun came to be.  could you imagine writing her dad a letter telling him she wants to sell the new place?  

last night we were so shook up about the place that Vicki started being funny and said " maybe we can't live there, I can just see it , telling my dad", DEAR DAD, have to move,  scared to go into the building....don't tell Mom! lol!  Now, the man who sold her the place conned  Vicki into letting him keep a parking space and then Vicki says, DEAR DAD, have to move,  the old owner won't let me have both of my parking spaces and I am too nervous to park in the other one......don't tell Mom! lol!.  Now anything that comes up about the condo and our adjustment to living there, will be a" DEAR Dad" letter....these adventures are unbelievable but true and we had so much fun during that time!! 

These are pictures of the Condo after we moved in!

                                                    Vicki loved her slate bathroom!

This is the 40 ft balcony,  this is facing east and in the winter we could see snow capped mountains!

                         This is the west end but we needed to be up 2 more floors to see the bay!

This my bathroom, I loved the fluted sink and the rich mahogany cabinet's with the chocolate and white marble counter!  I really do miss this condo but it if it weren't for it we would not be in Sun City West now!

Be careful out there!


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