Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 7, A daily blog and a virtual cruise through the Panama Canal, Entering the Panama Canal

Yesterday some Yahoo cut the Cox cable into our house!  This was most upsetting…you do not mess with our technology!  I really cannot do the blog from my mini iPad….so, there we sat…no TV and no internet and if we had a land line it would have been down too!

Our itinerary for today was as follows…..coffee, by ourselves, Weight Watchers, Curves, nails done, home for lunch and then the pulmonary doctor and then take Rosine to the chiropractor, pick up dinner at Panda Express, eat with Rosine and be home by 5:00 for Cox to come and fix the cable!  Do you think this sounds tight?  I went to the doctors, Vicki ran me home so I could be here for Cox, she then ran to get her mother to her appointment, pick up the dinner, eat with her and hopefully she will bring me some too!

Last night I was not thinking and now I am and I am doing the blog so I can copy it to the internet when it is back on!  The advantage being that I am putting two days in one….on the down side, it is the first time in 122 days that I did not blog!

Vicki is home and Cox just left!  Vicki says her mother had a good session at the  chiropractor with one exception...the doctor was upset about Obama Care and he started talking about it while working on Rosine.....every time he said Obama he pressed harder...she did not like Obama befor her session now she really does not like Obama!  lol!

Shelly and Sheryl, who is the head nurse at Rosine's place!

Last night we went to dinner with the family.  A good time was had by all and everyone left full!  lol!  Did I say ....this is the weight contest group???  lol!
Here we are at Babo's and I know what I want to eat....I'LL HAVE THE SPECIAL! 

                 We just had our hair done....we love Babo's....we'll have the special too!

Joshua says .....I'll have the special too!

I have never been here before....what is the special......really!  $5.98 for a Spaghetti and Meatball dinner!  Alright I'm in!  Make it 5!

If you decide that you will take only one cruise in your lifetime....this is the one to take...men love it...the whole process is amazing and very educational...one suggestion...don't dance in your underwear in your room while making this transition...the people standing on the locks are so close you will think they are on your balcony....yes, you will scream.....how do I know this....by Vicki's experience!  lol!

Today we are entering the Panama Canal.  These are some pictures I took while we were transiting the canal!
Can you  believe this picture?  It seems as though there are too many pictures where I say...what is with the hair?  lol!

                               Tomorrow the Amsterdam will be in port in Costa Rica!

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