Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15, A daily blog live from New Orleans

We were up at the crack of dawn to get ready to go on our 7:45 tour to the plantations.  We went downstairs to Starbucks and had our usual  breakfast.  This was a little early for us but we did it.  This tour does not provide lunch nor a place to buy anything.  For this reason we went to our early dinner as soon as we got back at 3:00.

Well, here we are...2 Plantations later....did you know that a Plantation is a farm the grows only 1 crop and has slaves!   The second one which was called Evergreen, was a nice experience while the first one, Oak Alley just about did us in...standing in one spot, not being able to sit down and not easily hearing the talk through the southern dialect.

After we got back we went to The Gumbo Shop for dinner and then we came back to the hotel and died.  Gee Whiz....we only walked 3 miles....are we ever out of shape!

                                      On our way to Oak Alley Plantation

                                Little did I know how much I would have given for that!

                                             There is the Plantation!

                                                  I love all the trees!

                               Am I glad I didn't have to put that dress on today...or any other day  lol!

                                 I guess now we are at Evergreen!
                        Vicki and the moss...I love it on the Live Oak tree!  No, moss is not a parasite!


This is where the slaves lived...a 12x24 cabin and it is divided in half to house 2 families! These are the original cabins                                               
                           These pictures all look the same to me!  lol!  I am out of here!

Tomorrow we will be taking a city tour...the Amsterdam will be docking in San Diego....131 days we have traveled with the Amsterdam and Bill and Mary Ann!

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