Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 21, Home from New Orleans!

We arrived home about 3:00 this afternoon.  We had a wonderful time.  We spent 4 days in New Orleans and 3 days in Biloxi!  We arrived on Friday and the time just flew by!

We stopped in Gulf Port and had lunch, on our way to Biloxi.  Little did we know that we were only 5 miles away!  We were sitting right across the road from the Gulf

For lunch we had a Po Boy sandwich made with Crawfish!  When I lived in New Orleans I would go across the street to the creek and fish for crawfish but I had never tasted them....quite good!  Yum Yum!!  But then I took a gulp of water and could not believe anything could taste that bad!

Vicki was gazing out the window...really excited about getting back on the road!

We all arrived at the same time and started jabbering and laughing and it not stop until Sunday night when we said our goodbyes.  What a time we had...fun fun fun!

We were across the street from the Beau Rivage and it was beautiful!  We headed right over there for dinner, drinks and gambling.  But of course we kept talking and laughing and being very silly!

Now it is Saturday and after fortifying Vicki and me with a diet coke we were on our way west on Beach Blvd.  We stopped at a casino and had a beer.  Elaine and I sat and talked while Vicki and Dorthy went and gambled.  I ordered an ice tea and it also tasted like swamp water.  It was at that point that I changed to beer!  Is that what the Leed family did when they were there?

                                                   Looking at the gulf after lunch!

  Now we are going to have our second big meal in less than 24 hours.  Elaine and Dorothy had good suggestions for what we should eat.....not that we followed their suggestions!  LOL!

                                                         We are having so much fun!

Our nice little waiter was kind enough to take a picture of the four of us!  When I lived in New Orleans I was too young to be concerned with what the humid air does to your hair....not now....frizzy, frizzy!  When we left there today the temperature was 80and the humidity was 80!  All the clothes in the suitcases are wet!  This restaurant is built on stilts....about 3 floors up...the stilts have lattice to maake it look like it is enclosed!

                                       I just did not want to get into the water, it did not look very friendly!

Now here we are waiting for a table for another meal.  We promise not to eat too much.  The water is good here....oh, yes this is breakfast!  If you are thinking that all we did was eat, drink, gamble and talk and laugh , you would almost be right!  We did also play cards,drink, gamble, talk and laugh!  We learned how to play Kings in the corner and Blitz!

Now here we are at the Waffle House for.....guess what....breakfast!  Somehow I deleted some pictures that would show even more eating....day of reckoning is tomorrow morning!  I probably gained my 4 ounces back!  lol!

                                        Pay the bill and let's get out of here!

                                             Speaking of being built on stilts!

As   a  special goodbye we decided to give a second Cafe Dumont a chance...now these were wonderful!  A nice finish to our trip!  I did take a picture but I deleted them!  Hummm maybe I can retrieve them!  Nope I couldn't find them!

Have a good week everyone!

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