Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 11, A daily blog and virtual cruise, Huatulco, Mexico!

The count down is on!  1 more day and then we leave for New Orleans!

Today we had coffee with Sally and was very nice.  We also got a message from a friend that we thought had moved to Florida!  lol!

We made a run to Costco and Walmart but did not go and see Rosine!  We have spent the day getting clothes organized and packed.  Mark, Tami, Joshua and Aaron are coming over tomorrow so I washed down the patio!  Now I am going to go and sit down and watch TV.

Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Huatulco, Mexico, Pictures were taken in January 2009
             OMG!  These statues are so big that I did not even see them...Vicki was surprised too!

We are looking for a phone booth!  Let's go in here!
Hi mommy!  This Vicki...we are in Mexico and the men have machine guns
This is a nice town but those men with the machine guns worry me!
Rhis is a nice square but iit is still very hot here in Mexico!

                                      This is a really nice port!

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