Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, live from New Orleans and the Amsterdam is in Mexico!

Today was the day.....we left Phoenix and arrived in New Orleans about 4:00.  We are now in the process of getting settled.  Here a few pictures....don't forget to check out the Mexico pictures too!

We are waiting for our Mexican breakfast sandwich!

Here it is!

Look there is the plane, oops...wrong plane....but it is so pretty!  lol!

This is the view from the lobby of the Westin!

The actual lobby!

They have Blue Moon on draft!

This is a fried shrimp sandwich with Pork Bellies and watermelon!  No on the Pork Bellies and they didn't charge us for them!

Puerto Vallarta! The Amsterdam is in port.  Vicki and I were there for Davin and Amy's wedding in July 2009!

                                             The view from our balcony at the Westin!
This is a Pirate ship and we are having dinner too!
JJoshua is staking out his territory!  This was fun!  All you could drink and dinner too!
Beautiful sunset!  What a good idea!  Too bad Davin and Amy did not get here in time to come with us!
                                                  This is my sister Judy.....what a cute picture!
We all decided not to go on the booz cruise and we went shopping instead...Vicki, Judy, Sandi, Tami and Joshua!
This is where we had the deadly glass of water that caused me to miss Davin's wedding!

Now we are going to have another Margarita and some lunch!                                                              

This is the cute little shopping place on the otherside of the bridge!  Joshua, me and Vicki.  This is also where Judy and I were the next day and we had a blood sugar drop.  One of the vendars gave is a real Pepsi, not diet, it was so wonderful and it was even in an old fashioned glass bottle.  It brought our blood sugars right up!
This is the rehearsal dinner and also Amy's birthday party!          
Melinda and Tyler at the dinner!

Tami and Aaron watching!

Mark at the dinner...talking talking talking...thank God he is entertaining the guests!
                                                        Happy Birthday Amy!
                                                                On the boardwalk!

                                                         The Sista's

                               Grandson Tyler, in charge of the music as Amy walks barefooted on the sand!

                                    Rolf, Davin's father, performed the wedding ceremony!

                                       Aaron, Joshua, Uncle Davin, Tyler and Molly!

                                                           Aren't they cute?
                            The Happy Couple.....a destination wedding in Mexico...Wow!

Today the Amsterdam was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with only 3 days left until it arrives in San Diego!

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