Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chiefs andBroncos won! At sea!

My family was very happy that the Chiefs won.....especially since they were having a party at their house.  They were not happy when the Broncos won but Vicki and Rosine were very, I just kept on sewing!

Finished 2 more quilts.  Vicki finished two also.  She is digging ditches so fast it is unreal!  lol!  Cut out
3 Christmas Pillow cases....we are just busy, busy, busy!

Starting back to Curves tomorrow.....enough is enough!  We will see how it goes!

This is it for today!

WELCOME TO THE msAMSTERDAM and my virtual cruise to.....
 The Grand  Pacific and Far East Voyage!  

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,
Photos and narrative from  Leslie's  Travel blog....

 At Sea

Today was another amazing day on this exceptional voyage.  Hats off to Captain Fred Eversen and Hotel Manager Henk Mensink and their team for doing such a great job…..  They are the best!  Anyway, today was very windy due to the Typhoon but I did manage to get some sun.  I have been very busy these past few days…  I have been doing Arts & Crafts  and even went to an excellent cooking demonstration by guest chef George Geary today.  I am definitely branching out….  Wonder what I will do next???  Tomorrow we get into Kobe Japan 6 hours early due to the high speed run ahead of Typhoon Wipha.  I have decided to go with John to Nara.  If we can find the right trains it should be excellent.  One of the downsides to being in Japan is losing our ships internet connection.  I will post blog updates as I am able….  Looking forward to our stay in Japan.


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