Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We had a great day!

Today is the day….Vicki and I have lived together for 20 years….we are both still alive and we have had a hell of a good time!
We started the day off by taking our pictures….
IMG 4279
I am a blond…I really really am a blond!

IMG 4293
See, after 20 years we are both smiling!  lol!

IMG 4318
They call this one "The Wave"  Vicki and Tami love this one!

IMG 4303
All of this jewelry is beautiful!

IMG 4321
We went to the Hawaiian Store after coffee…..Vicki does look wonderful…what did she just buy?

     This is the Maile!…..and she loves it!

IMG 4351
Now she is in Tiffany's……hope she does not have buyers remorse!

IMG 4336
I think Tami should have these Uggs!  I saw a pair for me too!

These are for me!

IMG 4359
Here we are at the Cheesecake Factory and I think we will sit outside!

IMG 4370
I think I will have a salad and some bread….I love sitting outside in these booths!

IMG 4385
                                       Nice view here while we are eating lunch!

This weather today is perfect…I love it…I don't like it making us stiff!

 IMG 4298
I had a good lunch and now we will go home and split a piece of cheesecake!


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