Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Out to sea!

Just got a text from my sister Judy ....she sent a couple of pictures from Lake Havasu!
They are camping up there during the month of October!
What a beautiful place....but, no, we are not campers!

At  7:15 this morning we reluctantly got out of bed....grr....too many mornings in a row...we are supposed to be retired!  "Out of bed!"  she screamed at .me....the house cleaner is coming...up up up!  Okay, no sense in fighting with city hall....I am up!

Off we Starbucks and a morning bun and a chocolate  protein drink...yum yum!    At 9:00 we were at the quilt shop helping it open up!  I don't know why but it was crowded....we looked all over the shop but could not find the big sale!

This is my favorite person at the shop...I gave her my turtle necklace...she loves turtles and her favorite color is green!  She is really good at pulling colors!

Vicki is fond of Kay too!  We have a lot of fun in there...she did not tell us where the sale was!

  Okay I was wandering around and really did not look for the thing I know for sure is ....the flannel I bought was NOT on sale!

Shh....Vicki has no idea what I am doing....she knows that I am obsessed with Christmas!

          I am throwing in the pumpkins just so people won't say that I am rushing the Christmas season!

After we went to the quilt shop we hopped back into the car and headed for the mall.  when we got there we split up.....Vicki to the Apple Store and me to the Wig shop!  Vicki got a new keyboard which did not take long and I got a lesson on how to put on my hair piece.  I also got some spray and a brush! I am going to take it to Atlanta....just in case I need it!  If we go out clubbing, drinking and dancing ....I will need to look hot!  Lordy lordy!

Next we hopped back into the car and ran for Kierland to meet Susie for lunch!  Cheesecake Factory here we come!  We all talked, talked, talked, ate, ate, ate, and each drank  3 glasses of passion tea!  I felt no passion after drinking all of that but I really had to pee!

                       More tea please....make it plain....Sandi is having the passion tea!

No....we are not done yet....hop back into the car, by the way we are across town in Scottsdale...and off to see Rosine....stop on the way for peach tea!  Ohhhhh!

Rosine was alert and talking but not as good as she has been.  It appears she may be having some expressive aphasia!  We will have to see how it plays out over the next few months!

Okay!  I am done for now.....good night and no I did not try the sewing machine today!

WELCOME TO THE msAMSTERDAM and my virtual cruise to.....
 The Grand  Pacific and Far East Voyage!  

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,
Photos and narritive from  Leslie's  Travel blog....

 At Sea

Kind of a lazy day today….  It was very overcast and rainy for most of the day.  I spent the day reading, visiting with friends and even got in a short nap.  Tonight was a lovely formal night.  The Crow’s Nest was, as usual, filled with great music and people having a laugh or two with friends.  Dinner tonight was hosted by our friend and Hotel Manager, Henk Mensink….  It was a great evening!

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