Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A beautiful day even if it is in the 90's! At sea!

It seems to me that I am a day off in the cruise day count...so maybe I should not be counting!  lol!  I think I will just say the port and let it go at that .....today we are at sea and here is what Jeff has to say about it.
Today was a nice day to relax…  I need some down time to rest my knee and let the injury heal.  Sat poolside for a large part of the day just leaving when the storm clouds rolled in.  The voyage continues to go very well.  I am really enjoying my time with friends as well sail along…  Great day!!!

Daughter Tami is off and running again....Colorado Springs for work and then the weekend in Topeka KS for her monthly military drill!  Hopefully she will be home on Sunday but something tells me that work is sending her somewhere else.  Joshua's birthday is on Saturday and we will be taking him to lunch on Friday to help him celebrate!

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