Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We are in San Pedro.....the Amsterdam is in Hong Kong!s fo

Went to McDonalds for breakfast this morning and then hit the road for San Pedro.  Stopped in Palm Springs for lunch and had a date shake and a Buffalo burger  at Hadley's Fruit Orchard.  The burger was rather tasteless!

 Arrived in San Pedro about 4:00.  It is beautiful here!  We are on the marina and this is a photo from our terrace.  Vicki did a really nice job with the arrangements!

Did I say that it is really cool here....did I say that I did not bring any close toed shoes or any socks....did I say that I only have 2 pair of long pants?  lol!  It is all true!

Went to dinner and now we are in our room relaxing

WELCOME TO THE msAMSTERDAM and my virtual cruise to.....
 The Grand  Pacific and Far East Voyage!  

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,
Photos and narrative from  Leslie's  Travel blog....http://lesliesh.wordpress.

 Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong

As I described in my first post about the sail into Hong Kong, my first adventure for the day was a trip to Cheung Chau Island….  It is a lovely little island, perfect for walking.  Of course since they don’t have vehicles that helps a lot for it to good for walking…  John & I had a great time visiting this old fishing village.  Cheung Chau Island is certainly worth the effort to get there…  The rest of my posts will have to wait until tomorrow….


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