Friday, October 25, 2013


day 1. we started out at Starbucks in San Pedro, CA.  Funny, it was just like all of the other Starbucks we go to!  lol!

Next we went toRite aide to pick up a few things!

We arrived on the ship about noon.  It was overcast and cool but that did not bother us…we were just happy to be here.  We really ddid not have to wait in any lines ….we just went right through and  got right on the ship.   We sat at a small table by the International Cafe and had a cheese and tomato torte.

We went to the muster drill and sat at little tables that had these cute lights on them.
Next we went to theMartini bar which use to be Crooner's.  I had a mint chocolate martini and Vicki had soda water.  We were thinking about Jerry as I drank my martini and Vicki and I ate the snacks.

We had a nice dinner and sat at a table for two.  I am stuffed and I don't feel so good!

Day 2

Started the day at the I international Cafe where we had breakfast  Soon we were on our way to catch the buss for our tour today.  We signed up to go to 2 wineries followed by a 2 hour stay in the Danish town of Solvang.  It was quite quaint and there were bakeries everywhere.  The tradition of the Danes is to  put statues of storks on their roofs which will bring them good luck!  I forgot to look for one when we got into town so I did not take a picture of them.

Now we are back at the ship and settling for the evening.  Vicki is going to get me on line right now!

Do you want chocolate covered cherries?

The Winery

Can you hear me now?

Solvang is known for its windmills!

I guess the Danes have big feet!

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