Monday, September 30, 2013

Can you believe how fast time is going? Day 8, at sea!

It is exciting to have the Amsterdam in Honolulu.  Honolulu is Vicki and my favorite city on the islands!

I wish we were in Honolulu on the Amsterdam!  It has been a year since we have been on a cruise!

Honolulu sounds great to me.....what about my dentist appointment at 11:00?  I know...just reschedule it!  lol!                                                                       

Okay.....since we cannot go to Honolulu...let's go and get Mexican food!
This is why I love Mexico....all the bright  colors...the music and singers ....and of course, the food!
Now this is a plate....#4 which is my favorite...Vicki has a #5....oops, where is the picture?


After we had lunch  we went to Walmart to pick up some stuff for Rosine.  I certainly does look festive in Vicki was not aware of all the decorations!

Came home after seeing Rosine and sewed for a little while.  Now I am ready for the TV!

 WELCOME TO THE msAMSTERDAM and my virtual cruse to.....
 The Grand  Pacific and Far East Voyage!  

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,
Photos and narritive from  Leslie's  Travel blog....

 Honolulu, Hawaii

I love the view of the city from the ship......thanks Jeff!
Looks like a storm is brewing!

Fabulous day today….  I went out with Brad & Gloria for the day.  First we rented a car and took care of an errand or two and then paid a visit to the Apple Store.  Somehow I walked out with an 11 inch MacBook Air.  Not sure how that happened…..  Now I have two computers with me as well as an iPad, iPod and iPhone.  I think I will open a data center on the ship.  Oh well, I digress….  We decided to head over the Pali Lookout and go to the North Shore.  What a lovely, scenic drive…. Loved it!  After we got back to the ship I discovered that I had lost my security wallet with over $1000 in it.  As you can imagine I was quite unhappy with that discovery.  My faith in humanity was, once again, restored thanks to a very talented young man with great integrity, Oliver Raymundo, the keyboard player in the Serendipity Quartet.  Oliver found my security wallet and promptly turned it into shore side security.  His actions certainly reflect well on himself and on his fellow Filipino crew members…  These Holland America Line crew members are just the best!  Thanks Oliver!  I hope the Holland America Line management is reading this and give Oliver the recognition he deserves….


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