Friday, December 27, 2013

December 27, wandering and eating on Las Olis!

Here we are still in Ft.Lauderdale.  This morning we slept until 11:30.......can you believe that?  Then we went to Starbucks.  We were to meet Jerry at 1:00 and there he was in Starbucks!  We sat around for awhile and then went looking at the shops and stopped and had lunch.  Then it was a few more shops and back to the hotel for a little nap and then back out to dinner and now here we are back in our rooms.  It is already nine o'clock here.

Here are some photos I took today.

 Now this is my new my favorite color....Vicki is going to buy it for me to drive around Sun City West!  lol!

           Now here we are outside again, eating....I had a salad and Vicki had a funny crab sandwich!

                          I think this is still lunch!

                              Just walking around!

                                       Hmmm, elephants in the park!

                                                This is the view out of Jerry's room!

See you tomorrow!


 Welcome to a virtual cruise on the Amsterdam as she makes passage through the Panama Canal to Fort Lauderdale!  Upon her arrival in Fort Lauderdale on January 4th she will begin her 2014 world Cruise!

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,

Day 9 Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

Here is part two of my blog today…  It was a wonderful day!  The people of Guatemala were wonderful.  It was good to get out to the road less traveled after my recent unfortunate episode in Mexico.

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