Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday, at home….the Statendam is in San Diego!

It is always good to be home although I really do love those Plaza Lights!  LOL!

We started the day at Starbucks and yea they had our morning bun.  Next we went to the bank to get the block off of the the new credit card…..did not need this right now! Thank God for Vicki who helped me get the cars changed at Amazon, Audible and AT&T.   Well, at least the A's are taken care of along with QVC!

Happy Birthday Elaine!0      Wish we were there to celebrate with you!  Here's to you!

Elaine and Dorothy joined us in lBiloxi….we had a great time….hope you had a nice birthday, Elaine and I hope you are feeling better, Dorothy!

Now I will tell you what happened to Rosine on Tuesday night….she went to ring her call button and the link on the top of it had separated leaving her with the chain and not finding the call button.  She cannot roll over in bed so she could not access her phone…she wet in the bed….again and again!  No one came to check on her all night and they usually are in her room 3 times nightly.   She started yelling but no one came!So, all hell broke loose there yesterday.  Rosine is on a diuretic and she was floating by the time they checked on her at 7;30!  She is totally off her happy pill….happy today she was not!  Can't say I blame her!  Mama Mia!

The day flew by and I am hoping tomorrow is filled with sewing!


WELCOME TO THE Statendam and my virtual cruise to.....
 The South Pacific!!  

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,

Sea of Cortez Voyage Day 1, San Diego

I have to say that today was a milestone….  I have never felt so welcome at an embarkation of a cruise ship.  It all started with David Allen from San Diego shore side ops who met me at my limo and walked me right on through security and arranged for my check in onboard.  I have dealt with David on a number of occasions on the West Coast and he is the best!  He handed me over to my old friend Bart who was the Culinary manager on the Amsterdam for a long time until he was promoted to Hotel Director and had to move to another ship.  In the first 20-30 minutes onboard I think I met almost all the staff from the Captain on down.  I found that there are a number of familiar faces.  What an amazing start!  They have really bent over backwards to make me feel at home…  they were extremely successful.  Life is good!  Onward to Cabo San Lucas!!

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