Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday, want to go shopping?

Do we want to go shopping?  The answer is no, no, NO!

Today we had to get up early as the house cleaner was coming.  This put us at Starbucks at 8:30 which was not a pretty picture!  We had our breakfast….talked a few minutes with a friend who looked very perky…then decided to head for the mall.  We got there and I did not want to go shopping….neither did Vicki….went in anyway and took back a pair of shoes and then we were off to Costco….didn't do much better there….sat down while Vicki went and got what we needed.  Stopped at QT and headed home.  Got set up to sew but really wanted to take a nappy.  Sewed for awhile, had lunch and went to see Rosine.

Was sleepy at Rosines…wanted to take a nap right there and then she got into how they are not taking very good care of her….that woke me right up and made me very mad.  A discussion ensued and I was wide awake.  A plan of attack was calculated and off we went.

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Got home and went back to sewing until dinner!  Now I am going to watch TV!


Now about Jeff.  Today Jeff boarded the msAmsterdam in San Francisco and is headed for Fort Lauderdale!  He will arrive on January the 4, 2014 and will remain on the ship for an additional 115 days as he cruises around the world!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 Welcome to a virtual cruise on the Amsterdam as she makes passage through the Panama Canal and Fort Lauderdale!  Upon her arrival in Fort Lauderdale on January 4th she will begin her 2014 world Cruise!

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,

San Francisco, California Day 2

I woke to a very foggy San Francisco….  I went out and toured around trying to see what I could despite the weather.  At 11:30 I booked a cruise to the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz.  I assumed the fog would be gone by then but…  not the case.  I then walked to the Golden Gat Bridge (long walk) taking in the sights along the way.  I did get to see the ms Amsterdam as it departed San Francisco for it’s sea trials as it sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge… very nice!  I am very excited about getting back onboar the ms Amsterdam in the morning….

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