Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday, finishing up! Statendam finishing up, docking tomorrow!

It is hard for me to understand that today is Sunday.  It started out as a Sunday, all right…met Mark, Tami and Joshua at Paradise Bakery for breakfast!  Went home and sewed all afternoon!

I thought that since Vicki got a perm yesterday……that we should get our pictures taken today…right!

Vicki's hair looks really nice… usual she looks beautiful with her smile!

Joshua and Tami are making plans to make candy today….9 different kinds….don't bring any to our house….so, you each have to make 3 different candies!

Yes…..we are making 9 today and at least 3 more next weekend…and no, we won't make you a plate!

aI think this is Quilt #24….but I think we both have gotten a bit Crazy with this whole thing!

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WELCOME TO THE Statendam and my virtual cruise to.....

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Day 12 At Sea

Our last day at sea was magnificent!  It was so much better than I expected.  Tomorrow, San Diego where I head to San Francisco to reboard the ms Amsterdam…  Tonight, Pinnacle Grill for a delicious dinner and then to bed (after packing).  What a great cruise!!!!

 At Sea
We had a beautiful day at sea….  When I first decided to go out to the pool very early this morning the doors were blocked due to high winds…..  Not an optimistic start for my day in the sun.  By 8:30 the doors were open and the day poolside began.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and by the time we were sailing past Cabo San Lucas the wind was gone.  I spent all day there and it was very relaxing.  Tonight is the last formal night so I am staying in….  left all my fancy duds on the Amsterdam.  I have decided that tonight will be a good time to pack.  This voyage has been wonderful, the staff and crew have been fantastic.  I feel a little sad that I will be leaving but very excited to join my Amsterdam family in San Francisco….

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