Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday, sewing...

Happy Hump Day!  Santa will be coming before you know it!

Started our day off by going to Starbucks and having a Morning Bun!  I know, I know I know….maybe I will say Oh, I forgot…..or maybe, I can't count…..or I could say….I never said that….but I am not a good liar and you all saw it in writing!  2x per week at Starbucks….who is  counting?….I hope it isn't anyone who has won a quilt!  lol!    We did see Cecil a friend from our old coffee place.  He said we were not missing anything by not going there!

After Starbucks we went to Costco and then to Walmart.  We went home and started sewing….after a couple of hours Vicki went by herself to see her mother.  Vicki said that Rosine was a little on the quiet side and she did not appear to have much energy.  She said she was not tired.

Vicki came home and started sewing again…it really is a sweat shop!  She thought she was all caught up…there was one she forgot and I found one that I did not know I had…..yea for me!  Oops!

While in Walmart in the Yardage department I saw these 3 women looking at fabric.  I talked to the one in the orange and she said they are from India and they are Muslim.  they looked so nice in their colorful dress…at first I thought they were nuns!  lol!

The yardage lady worked very hard cutting my 9 different fabrics.  I am in hopes that this will do the trick!

And there they are….all stacked up in the cart and all the bolts in the second cart!

This is another beauty and it is Quilt # 21

                                   This is our house!

                                    This is the new me and I am so happy that my baldness is no longer showing!


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