Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday…getting ready for Jerry and our trip!

CAREFUL OUT THERE!Got up early today as we had a very busy day.  We had a little shopping to finish up, our hair cuts and dyed and our finger nails to have done!

All went well….kinda….our new beauty operator seems to be a bit disorganized…scattered maybe…..but we like her….will see how our cuts are when we start working with them!

I don't know…it seems like Vicki's hair is the color that mine should be and mine is the color hers should be….how did that happen?  Will take our pictures tomorrow and let you know!

Here we are and Vicki gets to go first…our new hair dresser is named Billie and she is on Medicare!

Okay, Billie discovered that a couple of pieces of Vicki's hair did not take the perm last week….so, today after she colored and cut Vicki's hair ….she did a perm on one side of her head!  Vicki took  a "selfie" her own photo!  lol!  She learned how to do this from Obama!

Hey Vicki….this is how you do a selfie….probably not a good idea to do it at a funeral!  he says

Now, this is Van and Andy's new baby girl…both she and her granny are cute!

                                               Daddy Andy!

                                             Mommy, Van!

Hillary, this will be your quilt but the photo is not at all flattering…don't expect it until the end of January!

Tomorrow we will finish packing and Jerry will arrive on Monday!


 Welcome to a virtual cruise on the Amsterdam as she makes passage through the Panama Canal to Fort Lauderdale!  Upon her arrival in Fort Lauderdale on January 4th she will begin her 2014 world Cruise!

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,

San Diego, California!  The world famous San Diego Zoo!
Here are the rest of the photos for a most excellent day….  After 18 miles of walking the best way to finish the 

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