Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday, Lunch with Bonnie and Diane!

Today we jumped out of bed and started running around the house….fixed the Christmas cards for Davin and Amy….wrapped Molly and Tyler's Christmas presents….Threw 2  quilts in boxes…got dressed and ran out the door!

Ran to Bob's Variety store, where they have  a post office…yea, no one in line…run, run, run, oops no address for Molly…..to the back of the line while Vicki finds it….only 2 people in line now….still no address….jumped out of line…not happy….got address…back in line….only3 people in front of me….Yea!  We did it and it isn't even 10:15!  Drive, drive, drive to Starbucks and grab a green tea and put our powder into it!  Yea!  We made it!

At least we had an hour to rest at Starbucks before meeting Bonnie and Diane for lunch.  Off we go…don't forget to give them their quilts….talk, talk, talk!  It is always so nice to have lunch with the two of them…..we should do it more often!


Jump into the car and run for Walmart….hurry, hurry, hurry!  Stop at QT I need a drink!  Off to Rosine' to drop off some plastic drawers for her….she was not home….run, run, run, before she comes back….need to go home and change clothes…it is 90  degrees in her room, run like hell!

Went into the sewing room and sewed for about an hour.  Will take the machine into the shop for a good cleaning before we leave next week and it will be ready to go when we get back!

Made it home…changed clothes..took an hour nap after eating some delicious pumpkin bread that Diane made!  Thank You Diane!

Okay, I think I am tired now so I think I will go take a shower and watch some TV!

Jeff is wandering around San Francisco….he saw the Amsterdam taking a dry run….or was it a dry run…..or did they forget him….the cruise does start tomorrow….right?  lol!

 Welcome to a virtual cruise on the Amsterdam as she makes passage through the Panama Canal and Fort Lauderdale!  Upon her arrival in Fort Lauderdale on January 4th she will begin her 2014 world Cruise!

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,  http://amazingvoyages2.blogspot.com

San Francisco, California

I arrived into the port of San Diego this morning aboard the ms Statendam….  It was sad to leave this ship, the crew were so fabulous….  I will miss them.  Anyway, it was off to the airport where I hung out at the United Airlines Club for a couple of hours thanks to David Allen of shore ops.  I got all my computers updated and relaxed until my flight was ready.  I arrived early into San Francisco, a city I haven’t been to since 1968.  I took a taxi to the hotel in Fisherman’s wharf, dropped my bags and set out to see a bit of San Francisco.  I walked first up to Coit Tower because of the great views…  Unfortunately, Coit Tower is closed, bummer!!!  Anyway, I set off and walked along The Embarcadero checking out the sights.  The Fisherman’s Wharf area is pretty interesting.  I also had a great view of Alcatraz….  Nice day, one more day here before getting back on the ms Amsterdam…..  going home!

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