Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday…Had Birthday Dinner with Mark!

Here it is Saturday already.  We already used our 2 Starbucks visits for the week ….so we went to get the car washed and had a couple of donuts.  Tomorrow we are going to try staying home and not even going to QT.  wE We will see how that goes.  Vicki needs to do a lot of little puttering things and we both need to get the quilt sweat shop quota done.  I am shooting for 5 ….1 is totally done and 2 more are a must!  I just stopped writing long enough to advise Vicki of this goal so that she does not have a heart attack when she reads it!

Today flew by….got the car washed…..went to Walmart, Joann'sand the bank.  Came home and sewed for a little while and then the window washers came and washed the windows inside and out and I am so surprised to see that I actually have Christmas decorations up outside!

Then, what do you know, it was time to go and see Rosine.  Her   happy pill has worn off and she is on a terror!  Mama Mia!  I do think that she is feeling a lot better in the sense that she is not groggy and she is very alert.  So we will see if she asks for her  job of head honcho back!  lol!  Anyway she is feeling better much better…and I hope she starts laughing soon!

Then it wads off to the Claim Jumper for Mark's Birthday dinner that he does not know he is having.  We had a nice visit, played catch up and Joshua hooked up my blue tooth on my phone.  Then we were off again….in the dark….not good…..going the wrong way….put in an SOS to Siri and within 1 block she gave us directions and we were happy again!

                                                      Happy Birthday Mark!  I liked last years picture better……soooo
                      Now this is a real birthday dinner!  We forgot to have a drink and toast you!


WELCOME TO THE Statendam and my virtual cruise to.....
 The South Pacific!!  

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,

 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I had a wonderful day in Cabo…. I got a chance to see an old friend from Elementary School when I lived in Hawaii.  Diana moved to Cabo about 1 ½ years ago so it was a perfect opportunity to see an old friend.  She met me at the pier and we headed out exploring a bit of Cabo.  One of our first stops was for lunch at the Hacienda, a fabulous restaurant with a great ambience and view.  After lunch we met up with a friend of Diana’s and went and look at some amazing properties with unbelievable views.  We eventually went to Diana’s beautiful home high on a ridge with a spectacular view.  While we were there I hooked up my computers and got them all updated with her extremely fast WiFi.  From there we walked down to the beach to check out some more wonderful scenery.  I am really impressed with Cabo.  It is so different once you get out of the tourist zone.  I made it back to the ship on the last tender, just in time for a little dinner.  It was a fabulous day!

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