Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday….and the 5 Winners are!

5 winners this week….can't believe it!Friday, December 20, will be the last drawing!
I do believe I need to leave on the cruise on the 26th knowing that we have completed the contest!  The people whose names are in the jug, from southern California, will get their Quilts in February when we come over for Vicki's Birthday!

Vicki went to our favorite lung doctor today.  Her oxygen level was 98.  So, she got a prescription and goes back in 3 months.  Now, this is the advantage of going in together….he does not realize that it has been 6 months since I have been in…..but I will hear about when I go in next month and he sees it in my chart!  lol!

We bought M&m's for when Jerry comes for Christmas….somehow the package got a hole in it and the damned things keep jumping out of the closet…only now they have found a little dish to jump into! lol!

                              Quilt #19 goes to Tami…...

                                               Quilt #20 goes to ……ShellyH!

This is another beauty and it is Quilt # 21    and it goes to Rosemary A…..hope you enjoy it!   This is the one from a few days ago that you said you liked… did you know it was yours?  lol!

                    Another beauty……quilt # 22…..goes to Nancy A.  hOPE YO ENJOY IT!  Hope to hand deliver it to you before Christmas!  We leave on the 26th so it may be tricky!

Quilt #23goes to……Linda B.  no, i have not been doing MF.  Like everyone else we  are on and off all the time but we are using New Lifestyle  for our drinks and bars.  MF caused me GI problems and they got really bad.  Enjoy your quilt!


Day 9 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We sailed into Puerta Vallarta early this morning as the sun rose.  It promised to be a lovely and vert busy day in town.  Today was the Virgin of Guadaloupe Day.  According to my friend Angela,On December 12th, 1531, the Virgin of Guadalupe is said to have appeared to Juan Diego on Tepeyac Hill, bridging two worlds, that of the Aztec who saw her and that of the Spanish conquerors who now ruled his land. She has since become the patron and symbol of Mexico, a country born of this fusion of cultures.  She is the Patron Saint of Puerto Vallarta. So, aside from touring around Puerto Vallarta, I was able to witness just a bit of the thousands of people in procession heading for the church, The Cathedral of our Lady of Guadalupe.  It was an amazing sight!  Aside from taking in the Virgin Of Guadalupe Day, I walked the Malecon taking in the sights and art along the way.  It was a pretty satisfying day….

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