Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday….we are cooking!

We did it!  We stayed home today and did not even go and get our peach tea…I did not like that!

We sewed and sewed and our goal for the week is 5…I finished mine and instead of having 2, it made 3……Vicki finished hers and instead of making 1 , it made 2…we are happy  …… soon as the borders and backs are on them and Vicki stitches in her ditches we will have 6 ready for Fridays drawing!

We did not see Rosine today….it is football day.  Vicki watched the Broncos and kept calling her mother when something interesting happened.  Rosine was not able to see the game but we have it for this season.

Tomorrow we are going to Arrowhead Mall.  Vicki is getting a perm and I get to go shopping.  

Talked to Mary Lou and Judy today.  Both are doing okay.  Oops….forgot to ask how my dogs are doing….this is exactly why I should not have a dog…and on top of that …I very well may forget where I put it!

be careful to there!

WELCOME TO THE Statendam and my virtual cruise to.....
 The South Pacific!!  

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,

 Loreto, Mexico

Today was a first time visit to Loreto.  I had no real plans except to walk around and check out the town.  It is a fairly small and easy to get around town.  They put out and effort to entertain us with music and dancing all over town.  I walked along the Malecon to start my day and then headed into the city.  It is a pretty nice and friendly place.  I don’t think I could stay here for an extended period of time.  A little to laid back even for me.  I did enjoy the day….

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