Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finished another one....almost finished!

I guess I should say that when I say a quilt is finished ....I mean that my part of it is finished and now it has gone to Vicki for finishing!  So,  This means that vicki has 2 in her pile and I am working on 2 more....who knows how many we will draw this Friday!  I think I just now decided that if they are still  in Vicki's pile that they won't be in the drawing....lol!

Vicki just yelled at me that she is out of the shower....I think she thinks that the microwave will just speed up now that she is ready to eat!  We are having baked potatoes with Green Giant vegie with cheese sauce!  Yum yum!
                                                       QUILT # 11

I am having difficulty walking...it started in my heel...it did not hurt when I put my shoes on...now it hurts even with my shoes on...I was told years ago that I had heel spurs....maybe it is just strained from pushing on the sewing machine pedal!  lol!  Now the arch is starting to hurt along with my ankle!  I don't know if my toes hurt as I don't have much feeling in them!  lol!  I have not taken a Motrin in over 11/2 years but I just took one ......so we will see how this works!

We did go to Starbucks at 99th today....we also had one of their new Morning Buns!  Should I say they are wonderful?  They are!

Did I tell you that the Snow Birds are here....it would not be bad if they were here for just 2 or 3 months .....but no.....they are here for 6 months...the traffic is getting heavy and everywhere you look...there they are, taking up space!  lol!

 At Sea

Beautiful day at sea, sailing to Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands.  I am pretty excited, first time visit.  I found lots of dust spots on my camera’s electronic sensor today… hope I got it cleaned for tomorrow.  That pesky volcanic ash!!!


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