Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sewing away...who will be next?

I had you all on the you went into a special jug !  So, your odds just went up!  Now we will see how many these 2 Quilting Sisters can do!  On youtube we are known as the 3 Quilting Sisters which includes my sister Judy.  I thought it was so fun to send her stuff from youtube and she did not know who the 3 Quilting Sisters were.....well, neither did Vicki but she is never surprised at the things I do!  lol!

The winners of Quilts 1 and 2  sent their pictures today!  Yea for Roger and Mary even if Mary is using both Quilts.....should have made them warmer!  lol!
                                              Aren't you two so cute?...Thanks for the pictures

                                        Now this is what I call....covering it from all angles!  You two are too funny!

Believe it or not....I will have another one done by tomorrow.  Vicki is getting very frustrated....she can't go as fast as I can....she has to clean up my mistakes and believe me some of them can't be hidden....when you find a mistake just shake your head and say" I am surprised she doesn't make a lot more, after all she is legally blind....then we will both feel better!  lol!

Today Jeff is still at sea.  I think they missed a couple of ports trying to out run the typhoon
 and its winds.  It is terrible what has happened.  The Amsterdam had just left the Philippines
when the storm was forming!


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