Friday, November 1, 2013

And the Winners are!

Today we got up bright and early.  Off to Starbucks we went and then we jumped on I8 and we headed for Sun City West!  After a 3 hour drive we stopped in Yuma and picked up sandwiches and then off we went to my sisters house.  We ate lunch, had a short visit and arrived home at 5:00.  We are thinking we are too old for this running back and forth to San Diego!  Oh, well!!!

                                                     These dogs love to be on Olias's lap!

                                      Judy is blond too!   The 3 Quilting Sisters are all blonds!

And the winners are...........
Quilt #5.....goes to Mary N!  Congratulations!
                                               Quilt #6.....goes to Rita!  Congratulations

Vicki has some finishing  touches to do on both of them so they will be ready for you on Tuesday!

The next drawing will be on Friday November 8th.  I will post them as I do them.....there will be at least 2!

This is all for today!


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