Thursday, November 14, 2013

Still sewing....Amsterdam is at sea!

There is nothing exciting going on here.  After Vicki and I went to coffee we went to Walmart to pick up some material and some safety pins.  Then it was on home to sew!

Vicki left and went to the dentist while I waited for the patio cleaner.  Chad did not come until about 3:00 so I got some sewing done.

Remember I told you that I have a sore heel....well we have decided to call it sewer's seems to hurt more as I sew more.  Go figure!  I hope it will hold on while we get these quilts done!

Quilt #13, I really like this one....think I will just keep them all....what do you think of that?

 At Sea

Today was the kind of day you just relax…..  It was sunny for part of the day and a bit overcast for the rest.  It felt good to rest my knee for a while.  I still think about yesterday and the huge sendoff we had…  no wonder since we were the first cruise ship to visit Honiara (Guadalcanal) in 13 years….  Tomorrow we visit Luganville, Vanuatu on the Island of Espiritu Santo, a place I visited 3 February 2009.  On my last visit we had torrential rains, hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I have no big plans, Brad, John & I will go out and explore and see what we can find……

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