Sunday, November 24, 2013


Off we went to Starbucks this morning….it is not sinking in that I only have 3 days to get the house organized and our suitcases packed.  I hate to admit this but I think I have too many Christmas decorations!
I ran out of batteries and everything on the table needs batteries….plus 2 small trees coming from QBC!
I need to buy some greens for between the gold balls!

I put both of these together because I was short an extension cord!  lol!
The bathroom is okay…there are red towels to the left!

I really think I have 4 more of these wreaths but I can't seem to find them…..just as well….for some reason the house is feeling very small!  lol!

Following in the true tradition of decorating early for Christmas, Todd has put up his Christmas tree!  He and Melinda will only be home for 9 days…good job Todd!

Yes, I finished this one today….we are cooking….2 more winners this Friday and 2 more on December 5th.

This is the end of this blog…….we have a very busy day tomorrow!


WELCOME TO THE msAMSTERDAM and my virtual cruise to.....
 The Grand  Pacific and Far East Voyage!  

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,
Photos and narrative from  Leslie's  Travel blog....http://lesliesh.wordpress.

Bora Bora,Fench Polynesia 

Here are the rest of the photos taken by shark boy…. The only thing missing today was my friend Aart, who had the time of his life n this tour earlier this year on the World Voyage.  Would have been nice to have him here again today!

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