Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday, the Amsterdam is in Pago Pago, Tutuila, American Samoa

Today we started the day very early as we went to have our hair done....we even took a nap while the color processed.  When we were finished we stopped at McDonalds for lunch and then it was home we go.

There is nothing exciting to report today....I worked on some of the Christmas decorations and sewed for about an hour.  Vicki went to visit Rosine but was tired by the time she came home.  It takes a lot of energy to deal with someone who always seems to find fault with stuff.  It is hard and we know it is another adjustment for her.  Her room is exactly the same floor plan but it is a mirror image so it is confusing for her...she has to get out of the bed on the other side...the toilet flushes on the other side and on and on she goes!  Mama Mia!

Today my sister Judy and her DIL's sister went to Mexico for a haircut!
Judy gets really cute haircuts in Mexico....they are only a few miles from the border...Lori looks adorable...that is a really cute haircut look very pretty!

Okay, I will have another quilt to post.  This is a really pretty one too!


WELCOME TO THE msAMSTERDAM and my virtual cruise to.....
 The Grand  Pacific and Far East Voyage!  

Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog,,,,
Photos and narrative from  Leslie's  Travel blog....http://lesliesh.wordpress.

 Pago Pago, Tutuila, American Samoa

Once again, I had a wonderful day in American Samoa…. Here is the text from part 1:  Today turned out very well….  The weather was magnificent.  Brad, John & I took off early, not quite sure what we would do today.  At first we walked around Pago Pago and chatted with the locals and took a bunch of photos.  We really enjoyed meeting the people at the market, nice people….  Then, we decided to take a local bus.  The first one we saw went to Leone.  We took it and the driver was great.  We went along, occasionally stopping for photos.  For a great deal of the time we were the only ones aboard the bus and it was like a private tour and…. The total cost was only $2.00.  Then scenic views along the way were wonderful and the villages were great.  Some of the coastal scenes were absolutely beautiful.  Once we were done in Leone we took the bus back to Pago Pago and looked for another bus….  This time it was out to Alega Beach….  The scenery there was even better.  Again, we made it back to town and hooked up an internet café for an hour…. It turned out to be a great day.  Once again, the blog is in two parts…  Here is part 2!

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