Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18, Round 2, Hospice wins again!

Went to coffee this morning and everyone was there.  Sally and George were seeing Sandi for the first time since she came home!

After going to Sprouts, Walmart and QT  we went home and much to our surprise there were flowers waiting for us!  Our SISTA sent them to tell us we were doing a good job taking care of Rosine!  Thank you Nancy and Bob!

Went over to see Rosine after Coffee.  She had already been to the dining room for breakfast....lol!  She was in her room with 4 people helping her, one of which, was the Hospice CNA who was giving her a shower.....yea for hospice!  We did not talk to Rosine as she was sitting on the pot and all 4 people were watching her....Have I told you how the Ariano's are about their bowel movements???  lol!  This is the only family that I've known that can POOP on demand....and if they can't, the world stops until they do!  lol!

Vicki and I ran back and forth between Rosine's rooms, fetching things for her that she was missing!  She had already had a shower and had been to the dining room for breakfast and lunch.  She did not play poker after lunch but Shirley, the lady who won, stopped by and said hi to her!  I think that Rosine was getting tired when we left and there are still a few things she is worried about.  We all will be happy when her room is ready for her!

I am just sitting here while Vicki says goodbye to Rosine...she said, it is time to go, so I hopped into the wheelchair and I am waiting for my ride home!  lol! Tomorrow is another day and hopefully a day closer to having her in her new room!

Good night all!

Be careful out there!


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