Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7, I am so bbad!

Okay, I know I am so bad!  My sister and her daughter in law got so excited when they saw the picture of the "mini face lift".  My daughter IL, Melinda, got excited too!  Here is the rest of the story......Vicki and I went to Dillard's and had our make- up done.  We went home and had our neighbor take our picture.  Judy's comment was so true!....."you look 10 years younger"  that is because the picture was taken 9 years ago!  lmao!  Can't stop laughing!  So, Judy and Maria you can still come and see us....there just won't be an appointment for a "mini face lift"!  I will say....Vicki and I are really having fun with this blog!  lol!
                       We know we are bad....we will try harder to do better!  lol!

Rosine is still in a dither!  She is really liking being mobil in the, she is cleaning her room.  At least the PT and the OT will keep her busy while we take a week off and go to San Diego!  The word from Jerry in San Diego is that it is cold over there!  This is why they call it June Gloom!  Will we complain?  Yes, you know we will!  But a 50 degree drop....sounds good to me!

                 We will still go to Starbucks most mornings and to Paradise Bakery on some days!

Today I had my nuclear stress test.  Next time I will opt for the treadmill!  Can you imagine what my body and my brain were thinking when they took my blood pressure down to 40 and raised my pulse to 124 and my body was not was not fun...I really thought I was going to pass vision got blurry and I did not feel so good...I then went to eat lunch and a BLT sandwich was not a good choice...I lost my mind during the test and forgot about my gall bladder!  lol!I may not be laughing later!  lol!

We are missing not seeing Sandi in the mornings for coffee!  Hope she is having a good time in Boston and playing games with her grandson!

Now about the Dear Dad letters, there are only a couple left in the series!  Remember that they took place over a 6 months time frame in 2003.  I call the summer of 2003, my college dorm summer!  We really had some wonderful times .  Because of the Dear Dad letters have reconnected with Johnny Angel !  We are planning to have dinner with him when we get to San Diego!  I WILL take some pictures!  I promise!

love yas,
Be careful out there!


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