Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, looking good!

Went to Starbucks this morning and had coffee with Sandi and Irwin.  It has been almost 2 weeks since we have seen Sandi and it was good to see her!

Next we hopped on over to Freedom Inn to check in on Rosine!  It was a busy place....the nurse and the social worker from hospice were there.  The nurse was right in there and she is not going to let Rosine run the show!  Nurse Marilyn explained to me that this week was critical for Rosine's wellness.  Soooo, they approached Rosine and informed her that she would be getting out of bed, getting dressed and would be going in her wheel chair and having lunch in the wellness center.  We, the family, all went to the wellness center to talk to the social worker and to get the hell out of there before the fur hit the fan!  lol!  Sheryl, the DON, gave the order about getting her out of the hospital gown and then she left too!  While we were sitting in the wellness center we looked up and guess who was dressed and in her wheelchair and heading into the room?  Round 1 goes to Hospice!  Yea for them!  lol!  Rosine looked pissed but in reality it was the turning point for her.  You can bet that she will be out of that wellness center and eating in the dining room before the week is over!  She thinks the people that eat in the wellness center are demented and she would not want to be one of them!  lol!

We then went to AAA to see Barbara and booked a cruise, which is subject to change, for December and Christmas in Hawaii!  We will have to see how everything goes!

Next we went to Wendy's and had our favorite chicken sandwich.  Then we were off to QT again as I had spilled my drink.  Okay, now it is back to see Rosine.

The amazing thing is that Rosine says she feels fine...she has always felt okay and she is not in pain except when they put her in the chair.  So, how is anyone going to know when she is in distress?  Good she says she went to the hospital because she need a physical!Rosine is in a temporary room and we are in hopes that her room will be ready by Friday.  Being back with her furniture and stuff will make her feel more at home and hopefully encourage her to try harder.  At this point in time she has no chest pain and her breathing is not shallow or labored, so this is all good!

Vicki and I came home, I washed my hair and took my shower and was ready for bed at 4:00!  Vicki followed suit  So, I am now going to watch TV!  Hopefully we will have something fun to write about tomorrow!

Be careful out there!


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