Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, Working on the problems!

Well, I am not sure I am ready to face this day!  We are going to run and get some breakfast and then we are going to face the music for the day!
This is where Rosine lives.  Freedom Inn is assisted living and Alzheimers care. If Rosine is not able to transfer herself with the help of only one person, she will have to go to skilled nursing!  

Went to get breakfast and then we went to the hospital to see Rosine.  Rosine was off having an Echocardiogram.  We were able to talk to the Pa and she said that Rosine has congestive heart failure and right now they  are trying to get the excess fluid off her heart.  She will be in Observation for a couple more days and we are hoping she will go to rehab for awhile.  We are still up  in the air about going to San Diego!  The nurse at Freedom Inn recommended that we get the neurogology assessment done while she is still in the hospital.  It sounds like a good idea to us!  She says she is not going back to Freedom Inn!  The head nurse says,"oh, yes she is!  So we will see who wins this round!

I am at hom e and Vicki is at the hospital trying to figure things out.  Evidently the doctor has come in and told Rosine that her life as she has known it has radically changed.  He said that her feet problems are caused from her congestive heart failure and that she will need to be in a 24 hour facility.  Sheryl the head nurse at Freedom Inn is insistant that they can keep her at the Inn.  She is talking about moving her to the second floor by the nurses station.  She is also now on oxygen full time.  It is very hard to believe how fast this happened!  The doctor told her that she is going to be all right but her life will be different!Hopefully by tomorrow we will know exactly what is going on and her living arrangements will have been decided!

There are a few people on Vicki's side of the family that Vicki needs to tell the story too.  
Vicki just called and said that Rosine thinks that 24 hour care means assisted living plus 24 hour care by a caregiver.  that would run about 15K.  When doctors say 24 hour care, they mean skilled nursing!

She is not going to a group home......not if I have anything to say about it......it is not an appropriate level of care for her.  They do not get up with them in the middle of the night....we went through this with Vicki's dad and it was awful and he did not get the level of care that he needed.....I don't care if I am not a member of this family, legally, but I will  fight anyone who tries to put her in a group home!


                                   We are hanging in there and we will get the job done!

There is only one more Dear Dad letter.  I cannot find the one about the margaritas in the closet!  Too bad!

Dear Dad, 11, June 2003
Now you are really not going to believe this one!  Yesterday was one of the most humiliating days of my life.  I just don't understand how this could be happening.

As you know we went on our little trip and came home a day early.  We went up to Positive Choice, our weight loss clinic, and got weighed in and paid our money.  We came home and did our homework and then decided that we were too tired to go to the class.  I called the strange man who runs the class to tell him!  To begin with, he answered the phone, which he was not suppose to do.  He then informed me that if I didn't come to the class that he was kicking us out!  Can you imagine how shocked we were?  After all, I know we have not been losing any weight but we were learning and we were paying the money every week.

I  thinks it really is because we passed out chocolate covered cherries before the last class and he smelled the chocolate when he came into the room. lol!  I also thinks that he found out about the brownie making contest that we had on the sixth floor and how we ate them everyday until they were all gone! lol!  This class was not to be about weight issues but about addictions and the teacher told us that he had had them all.  He has a long pony tail, wore a leather jacket and drove a motorcycle and that seemed strange to me.  Even though we ate the brownies we were always careful to drink a protein drink with it so we were still doing the program.!  lol!

   Now we don't know what to do!  We don't want to see the strange man again and we certainly are not taking anymore chocolate covered cherries when we go up there for any meetings.  I think he kind of  scared us and then there was no way we were going to go to the class.  lol!



Dear Dad,  I'm thinking I need to move out of San Diego!  What if he pulls up next to me on his motorcycle while I am driving on the freeway.  It would scare the you know what out of me and I might accidentally run over him. lol! I think it would be an accident!!  Well, we had better not chance it.  I am out of here!  lol!  Don't tell MOM!

Be careful out there!
OMG!  They are coming to get us!

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