Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14, Hanging in thee!

Today is Friday...I have been awake since 4:30 and it still is not time to get up yet.  The plan for today is to go to Starbucks, go see Rosine and then go over to her place and start cleaning it out.  At 12:45 we have lunch with Rita and Mary.  That will be a nice break in the day!

Last night when Vicki talked to Rosine,  she was coughing.  They drained the water off her heart and then her sodium dropped to low, then they had to put the water back in and then she started coughing.  Vicki's brother is driving down from Durango today.  Tomorrow we will finish up the room with him!

Sandi arrives back in Phoenix tomorrow, so that will be nice!

Today is a big day for Irwin.  He has a funeral to attend, a meeting and a service tonight!  This will make it a 15 hour day and Sandi, his co-pilot will not be back in town until tomorrow!  15 hour days seem like too long for us oldies!  lol!

Mary and Rita are our friends and are avid Mercury fans.  What we really like about them is that it is so easy to be with them.  They are smart and funny and live life to it's fullest!

We visited with Rosine and she was not a perky today as she was yesterday!  It is very hot out today, Vicki and I took all the clothes out of Rosine's closet and took them to the GoodWill!  I was not very perky either so it was decided to take me home!  I am colling down now so I think I will live another day!  lol!                                                              

Now these two are a whole different story...they are both and funny too but flakier than hell!  lol! OMG! Sandi...what is with the glob on the top of your head?  lol!

Well, here we are with no port to pull into to have some cabin to retreat dear dad letters ....and no room service!  Don't know what I will do!  lol!
                                            Just think....we could be on a cruise right now!  lol!

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